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Ultrasound inspection

We supply automated ultrasonic inspection equipment and services for inspection, on-line control and optimization.

We offer equipment sales and short- or long term ultrasonic inspection services.

Advanced automated ultra sound equipment for inspection of multilayer composites and metals. Detect corrosion, delamination, porosity, cracks and other defects.

The comprehensive scanner program offers handheld manual scanners, automatic scanners with magnetic wheels, track scanners and custom made scanner solutions. We offer inspection systems dedicated to quality control for wind turbine manufacturing and maintenance on installed turbines - please refer to the menu 'Wind turbine inspection'.

Perform multiple scans simultaneously in just one working process, P-scan, T-scan, A-scan, Through transmission, TOFD, SAFT and Eddy Current.

Graphical presentation of automated P-scan ultra sound weld inspection
P-scan presentation of an automated UT task
Time of Flight Diffraction Technique, TOFD on metal, welds and composites
Optional TOFD presentation of weld inspection
Eddy current for detection of cracks and surface inspection
Eddy current inspection. Surface defects and cracks detection


The UT equipment is used in many industrial applications such as inspection of:

  • heat exchangers
  • wind turbine blades and towers
  • aerospace industry
  • pipelines gas and oil
  • storage tanks for oil and other liquids
  • pressurized vessels
  • nuclear reactors
  • steel and concrete structures
  • subsea inspection on oil and drilling platforms
  • suction rolls in paper industry

Automated quality control with Ultra Sound during production of high quality products
UT scanner on high quality pipe
Maintenance inspection by ultrasound on paper industry suction rolls
Service inspection. Paper suction roll
Ultrasonic leakage control for safety of nuclear tanks and reactors
UT leakage control of nuclear waste tank
Weld inspection on tube to tube and shell tube heat exchangers with UT
Inspection of heat exchanger welds
Track scanner UT inspection of Inox stainless steel pipes
Scanner for stainless steel pipe inspection
Material and weld testing during production of suction rolls for paper industry
Crack detection on suction rolls
Ultrasound quality control during production of large pipes and towers
Weld inspection on pipes and towers
Underwater weld and corrosion inspection of ferritic metals
Subsea inspections on drilling platform

UT scanners for weld inspection or corrosion detection
Manual UT scanner for smaller inpection tasks
Automated ultrasonic inspection scanners for steel and composites
UT scanner for automatic inspection on steel
Ultrasound inspection systems heat exchanger tube welds
Ultrasonic inspection of welds in heat exchangers

The wide selection of scanners for movement of the transducers and collection of data covers track scanners, magnetic wheel scanners and manual scanners.

The scanners are based on modules that can be combined in innumerable combinations and can cover almost any surface and scan path.
In very demanding situations where surface or path is too complex for use of module based scanners, we offer customer specific developed scanners for the specific task.

Ultra sound weld control and corrosion inspection automatic scanners
Ultrasonic inspection robot on complex shaped welds
ultrasonic steel quality inspection with automated UT systems
UT equipment for steel and weld quality inspection
UT scanners for stainless, inox weld control. ultrasound inspection
Ultrasound track scanners for automated inspection

User friendly graphical presentation of inspection data from P-scan, T-scan, A-scan, Through scan, TOFD and Eddy current.

Data presentation of ultrasonic P-scan on welds and composites
P-scan. projected view of the ultrasonic inspection
Data presentation of ultra sound T-scan for thickness measuring and corrosion testing
T-scan. 3D thickness scan by ultrasound technique
Data presentation of ultrasonic through transmission on welds and composites
Through transmission. UT for dual side access


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Scanner system for ultrasonic inspection of steel joints - Ultra sound
Module based UT scanner
Magnetic wheel scanner system for UT inspection of welds
Automated inspection scanner
Ultrasonic weld inspection shell tube heat xchangers and shell shell exchangers
Heat exchanger weld UT scanner
Ultra sound weld and thickness testing on stainless steel inox ducts and pipes
Ultrasound on Stainless steel
Automated UT scanner with magnetic wheels for weld and corrosion inspection
Magnetic wheel UT scanner
Inspection on oil rigs and platforms with subsea ultra sound equipment mounted on ROV
Sub sea weld inspection
Ultrasound manual track  scanner for flexibility
Manual ultrasonic track scanner
Automated ultrasonic inspection of complex shapes and geometries
Automated UT inspection