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Complete Gauging Solutions

D-velop offers development and manufacturing of complete non contact measurement systems for on-line control and optimization.
Gauging of basis weight, thickness or density with custom made measuring equipment for continuous productions of:

  • PVC and PU foils
  • Glass
  • Fibremats and Nonwovens
  • Multilayer Pipes and District Heating Pipes
  • Wood plates, MDF, HDF and Plywood
  • Insulation materials, Glass Wool and Rock Wool

D-velop also supplies technology for control of welded seams in metal plates, coils or pipes.

All gauging devices and control systems are based on non destructive testing technology.


Revitalizing and Upgrade of Existing Equipment

D-velop provides modifications and upgrading to a variety
of existing gauging systems. In many cases mechanical
structures and radioactive sources of existing
measuring devices are in such good condition
that there is no need to replace them.
D-velop offers solutions where software, sensors
and vital electronics are upgraded.